Search is the “I Want” Moment

Today’s customers have very high expectations for how online search should function.

Where to begin?

When shopping for products online:

of consumers turn to
Amazon first
turn to search engines
like Google or Bing
go directly to

Multi-device shoppers

When shopping for products online:

of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another.
What about mobile?
Mobile is already the primary
device used
for product discovery.
of all e-commerce transaction
are on mobile device
of shoppers used a mobile phone
inside of a physical store
of users will go to the competitor
after a bad mobile experience
Great search is even more important to mobile as the general lack of context afforded by small mobile devices makes navigation a less effective product discovery strategy. Investments in great search therefore are paid back two-fold as they benefit desktop and mobile sites alike.

It’s not me, it’s you...

of the time visitors are unable to find the items they
are looking for or became so frustrated that they
decided to abandon your site.

You’re losing real money and your best customers

Not only is a sale lost here and now, but these users will also be less likely to return - you don’t go to a store you don’t believe carries the items you’re looking to buy.

How much is bad search costing you?
It is hard to quantify how many sales retailers
lose as a result of bad search, but let's say…
visitors to your site each month
will use the search box
of these visitor bounce because of bad search
You’re losing 266,600 visitors each month

If your average order value of $100 and an average conversion rate of 2% - you’re losing close to $533,200/month or $6,398,440/year.

And that doesn’t include the money you spend to attract them to your site in the first place and the money you will need to spend to bring them back.

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