Search Analytics with Understanding

Understand customer demand, spot emerging trends, and gain actionable insights to drive ROI from your marketing and merchandising efforts.

Let Your Search Data Work for You

With thousands or millions of search queries, it’s easy to get lost in your data and miss out on a gold mine of information that’s buried in that very long tail. Don’t waste your precious time manually identifying keywords and patterns in your search log. Twiggle’s AI-powered search analytics automatically tags, clusters, and makes sense of all your search queries so you can eliminate blind spots and understand exactly what shoppers are looking for—in real time and at scale.

Spot Shifts in Customer Demand

Go beyond page views and clicks. Get a complete picture of what shoppers are searching for across your various categories, brands, departments, and products. Track changes in shoppers’ interest level throughout different times of the year and understand how seasonal or industry changes influence customer demand.

Measure Performance of Top Products and Brands

View the top trends, business metrics, and products in a single dashboard and measure the popularity of your merchandise across more than 20 parameters, including brands, styles, colors, and product types. Optimize your inventory, search results, and marketing to ensure you are investing in resources that drive the highest conversions and ROI.

Discover Emerging Trends and Anomalies

Your shoppers’ interests are constantly changing, and you need to adapt quickly to their demands to stay competitive. Twiggle Trends automatically scans your search data in real time to detect emerging trends and sudden spikes or dips—alerting you to what you need to know, now.

Turn Insights into Action

Every search query is a window into customers’ desires. Uncover valuable search intelligence so you can understand shopper intent and take action. Boost your marketing and merchandising efforts, enhance search and navigation quality, and make data-driven decisions that drive bottom-line results.

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