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Year in Search Infographic

The Year in Search: Fashion Trends of 2018

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The world of fashion is ruled by trends. One season, leopard print can be all the rage, while the next, consumers might have a penchant for neutral tones. Fashion designers and influencers may be setting the trend tone, but consumer demands are what ultimately dictate what will sell.

To achieve and maintain a competitive edge, retailers must stay on top of and be the first to respond to the latest fashion trends. Playing “catch up” could risk losing customers.

Search is the window to shoppers’ desires

Search plays a critical role in the retail experience and serves as one of the most personal touchpoints in the consumer journey. Through search, your customers are essentially telling you what they want—and asking if you can supply their demands. A veritable gold mine. After all, understanding what your customers are searching for is the key to making smarter marketing and merchandising decisions.

To create the best, most holistic brand experience, you must not only provide a superior search experience, but also gain actionable insights from your search data. Examining your search query data gives you a better understanding of how customers shop across categories, brands and products, as well as which trends are hot (and which are not), right now.

What 61 million searches reveal about fashion

We analyzed the results of 61 million searches from the top fashion sites to give you a glimpse of the fashion trends that defined 2018 and how shoppers searched for their favorite products. We hope this data analysis will provide you with some insights into shopper behavior and how their interest levels varied during different seasons and time periods in order to help you meet customer demands in 2019.

A word about the data

We analyzed 61 million search queries from high-traffic fashion e-commerce sites using Twiggle Trends, our site search analytics dashboard. Twiggle Trends makes your search data actionable by adding a layer of understanding to your search query log. Twiggle Trends automatically clusters search queries into meaningful categories, allowing you to measure the performance of your top departments, products, and brands, discover trends and anomalies in real time, and make data-drive marketing and merchandising decisions.

Request a free trial of Twiggle Trends to find out how shoppers are searching on your e-commerce site and better understand what they’re looking for.

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