A search experience that actually converts

A search experience that actually convertsA search experience that actually converts
9% increase in Add to Cart rate
12% uplift in Click Through rate
80% decline in "No Results" pages
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Twiggle applies natural language understanding to e-commerce search

Our natural language processing technology coupled with our proprietary ontology understands and structures both product listings and shopper queries.

Leveraging this intelligence, we’ve developed an API that helps retailers boost their search relevance and connect shoppers to the products they’re looking to buy.

Connect shoppers to what they’re looking to buy

Our solution leverages advanced NLP technology coupled with a proprietary rich ontology to enhance relevance and get shoppers from search to cart, faster.

Twiggle understands shopper queries

Twiggle understands product listings

Connect shoppers to what they’re looking to buyConnect shoppers to what they’re looking to buy
Twiggle complements your existing search engine

Twiggle complements your existing search engine

We integrate seamlessly with any search engine to produce best-in-class search results while preserving existing business rules and search logic.

Natural language search

The backbone of delivering a good search experience lies in the search engine’s ability to understand the way shoppers express themselves in natural language.

To understand shoppers’ intent, search engines have to recognize & support these ways of expression, which we call linguistic and inference phenomena.

Category Search

Twiggle understands broad product types like "furniture" as referring to any item in the furniture family ("chair", "sofa").


Twiggle's lexicon contains the most up-to-date list of synonyms relevant to retail.

Attribute conjunction/disjunction

A "blue and white tile" must be both blue and white. Likewise, a "solid blue or white tile" means a tile that is either solid blue or solid white.


Words like "no", "without" or "-less" are part of Twiggle's lexicon. Twiggle enables matching results for queries such as "dress without sleeves", "dress no sleeves" and "sleeveless dress".


We understand words like "cheap" or "long" in the context of a specific query. We know that a "cheap Rolex" is not in the same price range as a "cheap watch" and we boost products accordingly.

Product Type Inference

Shoppers sometimes search for an item without explicitly writing its type. Twiggle knows that "Android 5.5-inch" means "An Android phone with a 5.5-inch screen".


Shoppers sometimes look for products that are compatible with another product, like "iphone 8 charger". Twiggle knows that the shopper is looking for a charger that is suitable for a smartphone, specifically an iPhone 8.


Shoppers sometimes search for products that are suitable for an occasion or a person. Twiggle understands that a "dress for a wedding" is a dress that is suitable for a wedding (and does not get confused by wedding dresses!).


Twiggle can differentiate between products, their components and their associated attributes, which enables the full and accurate interpretation of queries such as "long sleeve short dress".


Twiggle understands dimensions and sizes. This includes ranges ("baby clothes 1-6 months"), inferences for dimensions ("35×50 couch" refers to depth×width) and inferences for units of measurement (the unit in "89×127 loveseat" is centimeters).


Our spellchecker is custom made for eCommerce search and is always up to date with new trends and brands. We identify and correct errors that are frequent and unique for online shops, including brand names, product models, collections and more.


We sometimes buy combinations of individual items that are sold as one product - like "patio furniture sets". Twiggle knows when a shopper is looking for a product bundle in explicit queries ("patio furniture set") as well as implicit ones ("patio sofa and chair").

12,340,095 Optimized search queries12,340,095

Optimized search queries

713,028,009 Indexed, structured product listings713,028,009

Indexed, structured product listings

10,000 Processed queries per second10,000

Processed queries per second

Twiggle’s Secret Sauce

Our ontology digitizes the world of retail.

Twiggle’s Secret Sauce, Our ontology digitizes the world of retail.Twiggle’s Secret Sauce, Our ontology digitizes the world of retail.

Our teams have built the first knowledge model geared exclusively for the world of consumer products.

The ontology holds over 10,000 product types, 800,000 attributes and millions of attribute values.

With this knowledge, we can assign meaning to each word in the query string and capture shopper intent.

It also allows us to structure and normalize product listings so we can match the products in your catalog to the query.

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