Unlock the Potential of Your Product Data

AI-powered catalog enrichment service for retailers, brands, and marketplaces.
Optimize the product discovery experience and accelerate conversions—without the extra work.

How It Works

Twiggle’s AI engine automatically analyzes your entire product catalog, extracts structured entities from raw,
unstructured data, and tags it with hundreds of attributes such as size, color, material, style, occasion, season, and more.
With high quality, rich, and standardized product information for all your SKUs, you’ll get more out of your data and
ensure that every product ends up in the right customer’s hands.

Improve Product Discoverability

Make sure each product you sell online is both searchable and findable. Whether your customers are looking for a specific zipper style or shoe shaft height, help them navigate to the most relevant products by providing more accurate and granular filters and facets.

Normalize Data from Multiple Sources

Data that’s aggregated from multiple sources is often inconsistent, unstructured, and inaccessible. We’ll unify your data into a single source of truth, making it easier to manage your data, processes, and search functions such as filters and faceted navigation.

Accelerate the Path to Purchase

Your customers rely on good product information to make a confident purchase decision. Eliminate the guesswork and take your customers from search to cart faster with a more complete description of your products. With better product data, it’s easier than ever to create more engaging and relevant product pages that sell.

Enhance Data Quality

When you’re managing thousands of SKUs, you’re bound to have ambiguous or inconsistent product information—which often leads to lost sales. Our AI engine transforms your catalog into a clean, accurate, and accessible database by automatically fixing erroneous tags, removing false positives, and standardizing and normalizing all your product data from any source.

Automate Your Tasks and Save Time

Maintaining an accurate product catalog is an ongoing manual effort, especially when it’s constantly being updated with the latest collections and trending items. Twiggle automatically tags and assigns attributes to each of your products, allowing you to automate your most monotonous attribution tasks, reduce human error, and scale your e-commerce business.

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