Make an impact

At Twiggle, some of the world’s most talented engineers, data scientists, and AI experts are shaping the future of search and e-commerce. Our teams develop groundbreaking solutions to empower the biggest retailers and brands in the world by making search and shopping on their websites and apps easier, more intuitive and ultimately, much more helpful.

Open Positions

We are looking for excellent people to join our mission! Do you want to have a positive impact on the way people search and shop online?

DevOps Engineer

Are you a master problem solver who can automate in your sleep? Then we’ve reserved your place as Twiggle’s next DevOps Engineer!

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Senior Algorithms Engineer

The Senior Algorithms Engineer position is an opportunity to leverage your engineering ability in order to create a disruptive e-commerce experience.

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Software Developer

As a Software Developer, you’ll have the opportunity to work on one of the hardest problems in e-commerce and contribute to the disruption of a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Senior NLP Engineer

Senior NLP Engineers play an integral role in building our natural language application for e-commerce search.

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Twiggle DNA

An office is more than four walls

At Twiggle, our workspace supports and facilitates the organizational culture we believe in. In the process of designing our offices, we were bent on creating spaces to make a life, not just a living.

What guided us in this process was:

Strengthen conversation within organic teams
Our ground-breaking work doesn’t happen in a silo, we achieve much more with teamwork than alone- and our workspace creates the environments to enable that dynamic.
Enable collaboration across teams
Effective and short circles of communication are vital to Twiggle’s ability to move fast and keep everyone on track. Our office space is designed to keep people nimble and approachable.
Get everyone
Our communal meeting spaces bolster the energy of a startup- a place for authentic interactions where anyone can ask anything, share knowledge and contribute their ideas.
Nurture friendships across teams
You know all the familiar faces at work- but when do you ever get to sit together and talk? Our open-plan kitchen was especially designed to encourage everyone to sit together so lingering and mingling are simply inevitable.
Encourages you to do you
Our communal meeting spaces bolster the We hire extraordinary people because of who they are. Our alternative work settings ensure a change of scenery is in reach whenever it’s needed- from office swings to comfy pastel couches with eclectic urban views.

Awards & Recognition