Search Analytics that Speaks Your Customers' Language

Instantly gain actionable insights from your e-commerce site search data with Twiggle Trends.

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Twiggle Trends leverages retail-specific AI and NLP to help you discover important trends, optimize your customer experience, and make smarter business decisions.

Make Sense of All Your Search Queries

With thousands or millions of search queries in your log, it’s easy to get lost in your own data. Our technology automatically clusters all search queries into meaningful categories so you can eliminate blind spots and understand exactly what shoppers are looking for.

Deliver What Customers Actually Want

Measure the popularity and conversion performance of your merchandise categories over time across +20 parameters, such as product categories and brands. Adjust your inventory, search results, and marketing to ensure you are investing in resources that drive the highest conversions and ROI.

Discover the Latest Trends As They Happen

Your shoppers’ interests are constantly changing, and you need to adapt quickly to their demands to stay competitive. Twiggle Trends automatically scans your search data in real time, detects anomalies and trends, and alerts you to what matters most—no configuration needed.