Senior Software Engineer

Twiggle is developing a cutting edge next generation search platform for e-commerce. We are well funded and backed by some of the most respected investors and entrepreneurs of the past decade.

We believe computers should understand people, just like people do. To enable that, we are building a powerful knowledge-based search technology, which combines the best techniques across natural language processing, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In addition, building our product requires deep understanding of distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, and user interface design.

Twiggle is searching for Samurais, who live by their code. We came to realize Samurais are honorable developers, they keep the best of the kingdom at heart and know how to collaborate with a team to achieve larger goals. If you feel up to the challenge of developing disruptive technologies to change the world of Search as we know it, and you live by the Samurai’s code, we want you to join our platoon of highly trained professionals at our offices in central Tel Aviv.

About you

You will thrive in an open, creative, fast-paced, start-up atmosphere with exceptionally talented developers. You will join the company at a critical point in its evolution and will get a unique opportunity to be a key player who influences the company’s technologies, product and success. You will deal with and solve problems in the Big Data world, develop a scalable system that answers highly complicated problems. You will be required to develop an enterprise system, with enterprise criterias such as – always up, support millions of activities per second, while integrating with other complicated systems.


  • Exceptionally strong analytical skills
  • Experience in Python or Java or Scala or C# or C++
  • Understanding of how to write a program that is fast, has the ability to interface with a lot of other complex systems, knowledge in storage, networking, etc.
  • Write high quality elegant code
  • Fast learner
  • Think outside the box
  • Get things done – you are a doer
  • A profile of success and excellence
  • B.Sc. with distinction or M.Sc. from a top university

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