Knowledge Engineer

Twiggle’s Knowledge Engineers build and maintain Twiggle’s Product Knowledge Repository - the “product intelligence” that is built into Twiggle’s core technology. Guided by the VP R&D, Knowledge Engineers live in the details and are exceptional at structuring vast amounts of data. They are driven by a constant desire to perfect their understanding of how online buyers search for products and how sellers present products in order to improve Twiggle’s search and discovery experience.

This position is based in Tel-Aviv.

Apply if you have:

  • Excellent communication skills with an ability to understand and communicate complex technical details

  • Exceptional analytical skills: the role requires structuring product knowledge in a framework that is based on object-oriented principles

  • Track record of getting things done

  • Fluent English: every aspect of the job is in English, which includes identifying linguistic nuances in e-commerce search

  • Israeli SAT score above 700, or your country's equivalent

  • B.A./B.Sc. from top university

Bonus Points if you have:

  • Data analysis experience

  • A background in e-commerce

  • Experience with coding languages (e.g. python)

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